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We Love Apple Store....  
01:14am 09/07/2008
Haha, was walking around a mall with aaron, Luii and Dwell... taking some pics with the macs in Myer..

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It's been a long time  
08:33pm 08/07/2008
It's been a really long time since my last post... it's kinda get lazy when you have something on with you. I've moved my place, finished my exams... but still looking for a job... sigh... but I'm quite happy with my exams, I've got high d, and only 3 students were awarded high d this semester. : ) And I've got another gig this coming september. : ) Hope to get more in the future. : )

Now it's time to write some songs to the person I promised, and for a song writing competition that I wana join and hoping to achieve something out of it. Oh yeh, and have to do arrangement for a friend of mine for him to give it to a girl. : )

Oh yeh, guess whom did I bumped into when I was taking the train to Ikea today? Winnie, an old school band mates in high school...

I guess I'll just post a bunch of photos in this post cuz i've missed out so many things to post on my blog.

Start from the Idea of North gig

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16 May  
11:18pm 16/05/2008
Time passes really fast in Sydney, I still remember the day I arrived in Sydney, with all the troubles I've been through... and now the final exam is coming soon... and our uni is moving soon... that means I have to decide whether I wana move or not... If I move, that means I have to find a place, if I can't find a cheap place... that means increasing of the expenses, when the expenses increases... the burden on my dad's shoulder is heavier...

Today, me and Aaron went to see our new uni... guess what we saw...

A PLAY SCHOOL!!! hahahaha

We were walking around Balmain and Rozelle, it's such a lovely place. There're a lot of Cafes, boutique and a lot of interesting shops too!! It'll be so nice if we can move to this place... imagine, cycle to uni... don't have to pay for transport... and just 15 min away to the city by bus!!!HAHA. But apparently the accommodation here is expensive... I hope I could find an affordable place... Let's pray more to the God.
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Iron Man!!!!  
10:34pm 13/05/2008
Just reached home from Iron Man movie in Westfield with John, Aaron, Joshua, Katie, Louie, Benny and Jack... I haven seen such a GREAT movie these days!!! I'm still in the "Iron Man" mood now... I really really love the movie... I can't express my feelings right now... the graphic was Superbly details, and the music was amazing!!! It gives me goosebumps when i listen to BGM!!!!

Forgot to take picture tonight... was still stunned after watching the movie... can't wait for the 2nd one!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the only picture I took tonight.

Oh ya, the small girl in the pic is Louie.

It was a good day today, I was late to uni after having my sax lesson in the morning, cuz me and my teacher were transcribing a song from Kenny Garret, and ended up finished the lesson late... I had to eat during harmony class... plus, I walked from Granville Station to my uni this afternoon...

Jazz ensemble and improvisation was great too, I actually manage to play funny stuff in a Blues!!! I made it after all these years wondering how to do this kind of things. =) YAY!!!

But tomorrow I have to perform my Bumble Bee during the Classical ensemble class... aiks... need to wake up early and practice tomorrow before history class... Speaking of history... I only manage to write a few lines for the assignment... after changing and changing the composer that I wana write about... ARHHHHH!! I DON WANA DO HISTORY!!!!
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12:54am 11/05/2008
It's been a while since my last post, cuz it's quite busy these weeks with gigs and uni stuff. And btw, I went to bronte beach, I forgot when... there're some really cool pictures that I would like to show you.

HAHAHAHAHA, I really like the pic which Aaron and Josh were doing the Titanic thing..... hehehe

I've been really busy with gigs lately, of course majority uni gigs so.....= non pay gigs... I still haven get any reply after all the resumes I've given out...

I performed in John's church on last Saturday, but I didn't take any pictures.... and Will and Toby's on Sunday, no pictures either ( I really hope I'll get the money for the last 2 gigs soon, if not I won't play for the singer again.)

On Monday and Tuesday, we performed at Hilton Hotel as well as a restaurant at the Darling Harbor. Aaron started to drink a lot since the beverages were on the house... and started getting drunk...

We found this thingy inside Hilton Hotel... it really does looks like shit to me... something wrong with Paris Hilton?? haha

We didn't take much picture on Tuesday cuz it's a busy night, I think there're some pictures with Katie... Who's Katie??

Today we went to the Sydney Convention Centre and performed again... but today's gig really was one of the lousiest gigs I ever had... we basically don't have time to do sound check... hai... don't wana mention about it. But after that we hanged out in the city, it's quite fun!! We were sitting on a park in the city, I've never have this experience before... I mean... who does that in Malaysia???

After that we went to Louie's place, eat dinner and watch a movie which we rent at a movie store, this is also my 1st experience renting a movie with something like automatic vending machine... you just choose the movie u wan on the computer screen, and then go to the DVD machine, it'll come out from the hole... what a night, I can imagine if I'm moving to the city, it's gona be a lot of fun cuz Sydney is really a beautiful city.
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23th April  
12:08am 24/04/2008
I had a gig on last Sunday at Will and Toby's at oxford st, that's a gay guy street... where you can see a lot of them walking down the street, you may even see some "lady" walking by too... haha. Imagine a guy dressed like a sexy girl, walking and shaking his/her bud on the street... btw, the street is famous for having a lot of these things 1...

So this is what happened in the club

Oh, this is what i saw in the street... hehe

Yesterday me n the guys were hanging out at Aaron's place, and we decided to stay overnight the last minute... didn't bring the scores to choir class today... so much trouble man... But we really had a lot of fun man!!! PING PONG!!! Wuahahaha.

Check this out!!

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Sydney Conservatorium--14th April  
01:22am 15/04/2008
Just came back from Kevin Hunt's Trio's gig in Sydney Con, it was held at the Jazz Cafe INSIDE Sydney Con, can you imagine that? A Jazz Cafe inside a music Conservatorium?? It was a good gig, but only the piano's quite soft.


And this is what happened when we're on our way home in the train....

Oh Ya! Before we went to the gig, me and Josh were hanging out at Aaron's place, luckily he invited us there... cuz i don't have lunch this afternoon... hehe. And we play table tennis for hours there man!! It was Damn Lots of FUN!! And guess what, I'm the CHAMPION!!!! WUAHAHAHA. I didn't know i could play table tennis before... hehe.

This Is FOXY!!! She's SOOOO cute and funny... hehe.

HAHA, there's really a lot of fun today.
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09:51pm 12/04/2008
Just came home after watching "Superhero Movie" for FREE!!!!! Haha, that day when we were walking by the city, a few people giving out free tickets for the movie, it's so nice to have free movie, of course, I won't pay to watch this kind of movie at the cinema...

But it's really suffering during my lunch n "1st" dinner... I can't even eat comfortably... as you know my tongue is still in bad shape... and there's an ulcer in my mouth... not all, I've always have an hole on one of my teeth...

I bit the right side of my tongue, and the hole is on the right, and the ulcer is in the middle... DAMN, what the hell's going man... really "mou yam gong"...

This is how my tongue looks like today...
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Long Time No see  
11:01pm 11/04/2008
It's been a while since my last update, I was very tired everyday i come home from uni, cuz u know, I don't really wana go to bed at night... but I have to get up early to go to uni to rehears... So I was really tired back then...

But today I think I had enough sleep, cuz I think I slept from around 10-11 pm last night till almost 12 this morning... haha. Yeah, I didn't spend a single dollar today, I ate the instant pasta that I bought from Wooly for lunch, and I had my dinner at the home meeting. Talking about dinner at the home meeting, i bit my own tongue accidently when i was eating... I really bleed a lot man... really quite serious this time...

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Sunday Afternoon--30th March  
05:44pm 30/03/2008
What you gona do, what you gona do.... in Sunday afternoon?... Especially in this F***ing boring country... so i took out my sax, and load the transcribe program, and slow the song which i wana transcribe down. But you know what, I need to stuck a cloth in the the bell of my sax in order to lower down the volume... if not the whole kampung will hear my "sexy" sound... Can't imagine what I said? Never mind, let me show you.


After practice for awhile, David entered his room, I think I better stop playing in case he wana sleep... what to do now?... =_= You know what I did, I did what all the MM LOVE to do in friendster. Get it?hahaha.


Please forgive me for my messy room... hahaha. Typical musician?...




It's really so boring in the weekends lah... BORING!!!!!!!!! BORING!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I gotta go to Summer Hill to have my lesson with my sax teacher lo... You know what, I can even google my teacher online...

You guys know about Tickle? That day I did some test in the site, I did the "Brain Test" and the "Sins Test"...
This is my result, looks like I'm a left brainer, I remember when I was in secondary school, I'm quite a balanced brainer...

Yow, you are Left-brained
Most left-brained people like you feel at ease in situations requiring verbal ability, attention to detail, and linear, analytical ability. Whether you know it or not, you are a much stronger written communicator than many, able to get your ideas across better than others.

It's also likely that you are methodical and efficient at many things that you do. You could also be good at math, particularly algebra, which is based on very strict rules that make sense to your logical mind.

Your Brain Type Report will describe how and why each of the responses you chose while answering the Brain Test revealed that you are Left-brained dominant. It's ready right now!

And the Sins test...

ow, you're less sinful than the average person.

Still, your sinful tendencies are running just below the surface and could start to affect your choices in life. For example, if you aren't careful, your drive to excel at all costs may ultimately be your downfall. Feeling good about your successes might be a gratifying way to acknowledge your work and position in life. Still, you, in particular, should beware of prioritizing your achievements above other things and using them as a way to feel superior to others.

Though you're less sinful than others, this, and the sins you scored highest on can still jeopardize the things that are most important to you. Don't let them.

And there's a report which shows the rating of the seven sins of mine, it's quite long, not people are gona read it if I post it here...

OH YA, that day Yoshi got his new doube bass, nice oh, here're some pic of him and his BABY!!



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